14 Day Challenge – Day 3


Physical: I’ve been told I have a great butt by everyone I’ve dated. My wife also often tells me I have cute ears. So I dunno.

Non-physical: This one is hard. I’m in between stubborn (I’m very stubborn, it’s a liability sometimes) and how I seem smart (I’m above average, but I think people assume I’m smarter than I am).

Also I’m bad at tagging people (I forgot yesterday). I’ll tag two ladies making babies because she needs to update her blog. 🙂


About DeCaf

Just a code monkey.
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2 Responses to 14 Day Challenge – Day 3

  1. mamaetmaman says:

    A good butt is hard to build. Trust me, I’ve been working on mine since I was a teenager. My wife has a good derrière too, and I just marvel at its greatness! Intelligence is an interesting thing- as sometimes it’s the perception of it that makes a greater impact. I wish I were a bit more stubborn- I have always liked that in people.

  2. Lindsay says:

    You’re an Aries, right? That comes with the territory (stubbornness).

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