Well that was short

So it’s CD1 again. 11 day luteal phase this cycle. The only pregnancy test I took this cycle was to make sure the trigger tested out.

Baseline Sunday. I’ll push for progesterone. I only produced one mature egg of should I ask them to up the Clomid or switch to femara or anything?


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19 Responses to Well that was short

  1. Lindsay says:

    Definitely push for the progesterone. I had to use 100 mg of Clomid plus progesterone to get my luteal phase to where it needed to be.

  2. B says:

    I only produced one follicle on the Clomid both times I took it (1st time with 50mg, 2nd time with step-up approach of 100mg then 150mg). They said it was fine but I was really disappointed in that (I wanted at least two for the IUI to up my chances), so I’m switching to Femara/Letrozole the next time we go as I’ve heard it tends to help those of us with PCOS better than Clomid. I am also thinking of asking for progesterone during the next TWW, so I hope they give it to you – it never hurts to ask!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Clomid fixed my luteal phase issue. It went from about 11 days to the “standard” 14 once I produces 2+ follicles. I would definitely ask for an increased dosage to see if it helps generate more follicles. If it doesn’t within two cycles, I would move on to something else. Something will do the trick! 🙂

  4. Molly says:

    I only produced 1 egg on both 50 &100 mg of Clomid, but def push for the higher dose. And the progesterone. I know you guys have a finite schedule in mind for how many more tries you have, but if clomid doesn’t do the trick this time, I would totally switch it up to femara. I never tried it myself, but I’ve heard such good things about it and PCOS.

  5. AndiePants says:

    I vote femara and progesterone!

  6. mamaetmaman says:

    I’ve never been on clomid, but I was on Femara, and it is not known to develop more than one follicle (unlike Clomid). But it also is supposed to be better for your uterine lining (clomid tends to thin it). The progesterone is a great idea, especially if your luteal phase is short.

  7. I only had one egg my first clomid cycle. The thing is, the clomid stays in your system month after month so it builds up, one month you could have one and the next 3. I do hope they put you on progesterone though. Let me know if you want mine, it’s 100mg.

  8. 2ladiesmakingbabies says:

    I only had one major follicle on Femara, but two each time I did Clomid. (On the other hand, my follicles were never as big as yours was at trigger.) Every person is different, but I don’t think Femara has the reputation of producing more follicles.

    • DeCaf says:

      Yeah. All I know is that Clomid didn’t work this time – no idea why (was it just an egg with chromosome problems? was my luteal phase a day too short? nobody will ever know).

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