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Still here for now

I don’t know what’s going to happen. I just know it’s not TTC for now at least. It’ll be good if we have money occasionally going to other things like home repairs, and advertising for Latte’s business, for a while. … Continue reading

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Where I am…

I’m currently just waiting to bleed. I’ve had 0 spotting and my temperature is still pretty high. I’ve been having occasional cramping off and on, since, 10dpo. I wonder how much longer it’s going to take. Most charts I looked … Continue reading

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The SuckerPunch

This cycle was a sucker punch to me. 1.) I responded well to the meds, grew a nice big follicle that had a sidekick that may have been big enough to have a mature follicle by the time of ovulation. … Continue reading

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I am officially not pregnant. Again, longer post to come.

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Negative on the FRER and wondfo this am. Longer post to come in the next couple days.

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I stopped testing for a bit, then started again today when I realized I had enough tests to get to 15 or 16dpo (these are cheapies, not FRER). I suspect that the cheapies aren’t super sensitive, either that or my … Continue reading

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Testing out and progesterone

So I’m testing out the trigger this month. Holy cow does fmu versus holding it for a few hours make a difference. Also wondfos are neat but the darkness really doesn’t go linearly at all and has been much fainter … Continue reading

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What I’ve been up to and a question

I don’t know of you guys noticed I wasn’t posting a ton, but for the last month I’ve been preoccupied. My dearest wife turns 30 this month, and so I’ve been planning a (David Bowie-themed) surprise party for her. Last … Continue reading

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IUI recap

So it happened yesterday. The count was the lowest we’ve seen at 16.7 million. The good news is the maybe polyp’s location is pretty low in my uterus. The study I found Tuesday said that polyps cause the biggest problems … Continue reading

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What we found at Target

So we found this and we had to buy it for obvious reasons. 🙂 Life is pretty good!

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