Baseline Ultrasound CD3

So, today’s baseline ultrasound included the words “Did you take a pregnancy test?”

My lining is 6B (which is triple stripped). I have 44 antral follicles. And 2 large disintegrating follicles (both on my left side I believe). Apparently when your lining is that thick they need to rule out the 1 in a million chance that you happen to be one of those people who bleed through pregnancy. They ran a beta on me “just to be sure.” Spoiler: I am not that 1 in a million.

Last month my lining at CD2 was 5, and I had 40 antral follicles, nothing leftover from the last cycle.

I hope that’s a good sign?

My period this month has been crazy heavy. Is this the clomid?

The nurse will get back to me next week about progesterone. Clomid stays the same.

That is all.


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20 Responses to Baseline Ultrasound CD3

  1. I was so excited for a moment there – I thought maybe you were the one in a million. I hope this new cycle will be the one!

  2. mamaetmaman says:

    Could your period be super heavy because your lining was so thick this cycle? I’m not sure how it compares to your lining during previous cycles. I know that after IVF Stim cycle 1, I had the worst cramps, and I think it was because my lining got so thick with the high levels of estrogen.

    Also, I am always so amazed by the number of antral follicles you have! I know it’s possibly because of PCOS, but I’m still amazed because I have less than 10 per ovary lol.

  3. Molly says:

    Do you know what your lining was like before your IUI? Did they check it then?

  4. Crossing my fingers for your next cycle. I have my first real doctors appointment tomorrow. Can’t wait to start. I just didn’t expect it to be so complicated…

    • DeCaf says:

      Oh good luck with the doctor! I was really nervous when I saw the doctor my first time for a pre-conception check up. I wish I had been listened to more about my suspicions of PCOS more before we started, it would’ve saved a lot of time/money. Are you going to see an OBGYN or a RE?

      • I went to an OBGYN. I was a bit nervous. You never know… It looked good. But I have to take som blood samples on 3rd day of cycle and then again on the 19th day of cycle. And it’ll take about a month to get the results. Which means I have to wait another 2 months before I know if I can start trying… Too much waiting. I’m tempted to check out donors meanwhile… How long have you been trying for?

  5. B says:

    I had the WORST period after my first Clomid cycle too. Hope good things are in store for you this month. 🙂

  6. 2ladiesmakingbabies says:

    That pregnancy test the day of the baseline ultrasound is the worst. They made me do it too, because my lining was thick. Way to rub salt in the wound.

    And for what it’s worth, my periods after clomid were monstrous. Long and crampy. It’s good to do two cycles though! Give each ovary a solid shot.

    • DeCaf says:

      I was surprised it was notably thick since I’ve never bleed so much in my life. I guess it’s better than having a lining that’s too thin?

  7. Maybe since this is you last go you should amp up the clomid (hopefully add progesterone) and do a double insem! I’m such a do it to the max girl myself, but it happened to work out for me some how “the last try”. I really really hope this is your cycle.

    • DeCaf says:

      I don’t want the cycle to get cancelled for too many follicles (you mentioned going from 1 to 3 on the same dose, going up further may create too many, the clinic cancels for >4) and I’ve already started taking the Clomid (50). The donor has enough for one more try. I don’t think there’s enough for a second one (he’s down to IVF samples so it’s 2 for 1 try). :-/
      I think I’m going to stick with the pushing for progesterone route. Based on previous cycles, I’m pretty sure my corpus luteums begin to degrade too early (my late cycle temps tend to be pretty erratic, my notations of symptoms tends to drop off a cliff about 10DPO too).

      I just feel really tired of all of this. Doing everything as right as possible and failing is starting to get to me.

      I’m sorry if I sound grumpy or anything. This morning is everything feels too hard for me.

      • It’s ok to feel grumpy. This whole trying to get pregnant thing is a pain in the ass when your a lesbian with no free sperm. I think if we all had free sperm it would be easier to deal with. I truly hope they put you on progesterone cause I’ve thought about it very cycle I’ve watched you go through. What cycle # is this for you? I know your getting close to a year and you know what they say lol as much as its annoying it can be true that it takes that long. I hope the donor gets more vials so you can keep trying if this one doesn’t work. Unless adoption suits you two better of course. Your wife is totally against carrying right? I always hated when people asked me so don’t take that wrong. Just curious. I think 50mg should be good for you, if you can try one more time and you don’t have more than one follicle maybe try Femera cause of the possible “pcos” I’ve heard that many pcos women do better on that. I’m glad your lining doesn’t seem to be the issue though. Although this may seem far fetched, I always felt not triggering and just leggy my body ovulate was the “right” way for me and each time I did that I got pregnant…it’s worth a try.

        • DeCaf says:

          It’s cycle 7, 2nd medicated cycle, 5th IUI cycle.

          Adoption isn’t a bad fit for us, I just had figured giving birth would be easier than adopting (less dealing with the foster care system, home studies, etc). I was probably wrong, lol.
          My wife, I would love it if she carried, but she’s adamantly against it after giving it a lot of consideration and I respect that.

          This last cycle I surged before I triggered (we timed the IUI against against my natural LH surge). The comparisons I’ve seen haven’t shown a disadvantage to triggering (pregnancy rates about the same). But everyone’s different, they didn’t really have a large enough population to track it by various patient attributes. Maybe a pattern would emerge if they did.

          I read a summary of Femara vs Clomid for PCOS. The number in the smaller studies are more varied, but the largest one (by almost a factor of 10) showed pretty comparable results for Clomid and Femara. The pregnancy rate(s) were very closely proportional to the ovulation rates it seemed. Again, there could be a sub-population for whom femara is better that wasn’t identified for lack of size.

          I think in my next life I’ll be an artificial reproduction researcher and get all the data. 🙂

          • I love all your research, while TTC I was all about medical studies and facts. I hated the random I for unless I saw a pattern myself. I respect anyone who does or does not want to give birth, it’s a very personal choice for sure, more power to you if you know you really don’t want that. I hope that you guys can keep trying somehow someway, I’d love to see your happy ending with a baby of your own, and I feel like it is likely to happen for you now that your being seen by a medical team and on meds. I was always against meds and am still amazed that in the end they were the right choice for me, go figure!

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