The long and the short

Hey guys. I stopped blogging for many reasons over a year ago. I don’t know if anyone’s still following me, but I figured I want to record this anyway.

Anyway. Since then: I did a Femara 2.5 + follistim cycle October 2015 and then switched doctors and did Femara 7.5 + Follistim cycle in January 2017 (each ovary only had one follicle). And am now about to start IVF.

Here’s my schedule so far:

4/18 mock transfer — done

4/19 “nurse appointment” AKA, IVF get prescriptions/etc time

(4/20 – performance review at work)

4/25 Stop birth control (honestly the first month was horrific, the second cycle has been fine, no random crying or feelings of rage)

4/28 Baseline U/S

4/30 Stim day 1

5/4 Follow up U/S 1

5/6 Follow up U/S 2

5/8 Follow up U/S 3

5/9 Follow up U/S 4

(etc until trigger)

36 hours after trigger – Egg retrieval

We had considered doing PGS testing, but decided against it. I can do a long post as to why (cliff notes version: PGS seems to have a 1/3rd false positive rate, abnormal embryo have yielded normal babies, PGS normal embryo fail all the time, and it’d add a lot to the cost).

Ideally we’ll transfer two blasts at 5 days.


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25 Responses to The long and the short

  1. Welcome back!! Good luck!

  2. Speck says:

    Welcome back and good luck!

  3. Lemon Drop says:

    What they said! Nice to see you in the feed. Hope you’re doing well.

  4. Great to hear from you! Best of luck with the transfer and I hope you have recovered well from the egg retrieval xx

  5. wtfovaries says:

    Welcome back! Fingers crossed for you!

  6. Caitlin says:

    Yayayay!! I’m so excited for you and glad to see you back! Keep us posted (if you want)!!

  7. MamaSoto says:

    I’m still following you! Glad to see you posting again 🙂 Keeping my fx for this IVF journey you and Latte are undertaking!

  8. K.M.H says:

    Congrats! I’m still following too. I hope things go well!

  9. AndiePants says:

    Whoa! So good to hear from you and good luck with the IVF cycle!

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