Stim Day 8 Update

I’m triggering at 12:30 am “tonight” (technically it’s tomorrow very early morning), and retrieval is Tuesday. I’ve been told to eat a lot of protein, and I have been, I’m very sick of meat and eggs now.

I hope OHSS won’t be a concern, nobody’s told me my estrogen levels at any point in this process and the ultrasound tech didn’t even tell me how many follicles I had today :-/ (the nurse told me I have 8 mature ones, I have at least five that are 20 mm+, they all grew crazy fast overnight). Not super happy about that but, my ovaries hurt, so I have a hard time remaining angry, but I may call them tomorrow, just to be sure. I don’t like surprises.

For those of you who’ve done IVF before: Any advice for the retrieval? Dos or don’t you wish someone had told you?


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6 Responses to Stim Day 8 Update

  1. I have no advice, just crossed fingers and a lot of positive vibes!!

  2. Caitlin says:

    Eight sounds great! I hope they catch them all and they are all ripe!

  3. Molly says:

    Just take it easy post-retrieval. You’ve been doing a good job of listening to your body, so I’m sure you’ll continue to do that. They collected 16 eggs at my retrieval (10 mature and 9 of those fertilized) and I had minimal issues post-retrieval–some pain for a few days that I managed with, and general fogginess from the anesthesia, but I am sensitive to anesthesia.

    • DeCaf says:

      They told me I have 16 measurable follicles at my ultrasound yesterday. My e2 level was 2245 (not sure what the unit of measurement is).

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