Mother’s Day Embryo Transfer

So I had 2 grade 2B blasts transferred today. a 3B and if it develops tomorrow morula, will be frozen (edit: update, the morula became a 3B and was frozen). I had hoped for three to be frozen, but 2 is close enough.

Beta will be on the 23rd.

I’m exhausted, not sure if it’s the Valium, or just all the excitement this morning.


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12 Responses to Mother’s Day Embryo Transfer

  1. Amy says:

    Woohoo! So exciting! What a great day for a transfer.

  2. K.M.H says:

    Four total! Wow! I hope that when we start IVF in July/August, we get good numbers like you. My friend did IVF TWICE and never had enough to freeze. You’re officially PUPO! So exciting!

    • DeCaf says:

      Thanks. The Dr gave us 70% odds of conceiving, we were sure to ask for 2 similarly graded embryos (that apparently helps pregnancy odds). Good luck with IVF, I just caught up on your blog, I’m sorry about your loss.

  3. Caitlin says:

    Fingers crossed!

  4. Molly says:

    Oh friend… I am thinking of you and just wishing you so much luck. I hope you have a busy, distraction-filled week ahead!

    • DeCaf says:

      Thanks. I really should be focusing a lot on work this week… but progesterone makes me sleepy. My beta is on the 23rd, it doesn’t feel that far away.

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