Pre-beta dreams

So I had even more vivid dreams last night. I dreamed I was visiting my parents (something I haven’t done in like 10+ years), and my period came pretty explosively as soon as I sat down on a toilet, so I didn’t need to bother with a beta test.  Like, this was crazy vivid, I woke up to check to make sure I wasn’t suddenly heavily bleeding.

Then the cats woke me up and it took a while to wrangle them to the far-away bathroom.

Then I dreamed that I was starting a new internship/training, as a technologist at a hospital (not sure what kind, I just know that they wanted me to work on a machine that did something to vials of blood). Also I was house-sitting for my parents, some bums just walked in and demanded goda (I think that’s how it’s spelled in my dream world, lol) cheese, which of course my parents didn’t have. I wanted to leave to go get my beta. They wouldn’t let me just leave in the middle of a shift, I made some feeble cries about needing a beta that were mostly unheard. I realized that this job wasn’t anything that paid better than my software developer job, I didn’t enjoy the work any more than my current job, so I quit. My parents showed up, just to chide me for quitting a job, and then my supervisor of the job I had just quit began following me around with someone else’s ultrasound (that had a football stadium drawn on it for some reason), asking if it was what I wanted, and I was like “no, I just want to get my beta over with.”

So, basically my weird dreams were on overdrive last night.

I’ll update when I get my beta results, I’m heavily expecting it to be negative.


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One Response to Pre-beta dreams

  1. Curious B says:

    Positive thoughts for you today!

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