ERA take 2

So I had my uterus scrapped again this last Friday. It was more painful that last time, at one point I think I felt my uterus move,  which was weird. Hopefully the Dr got enough this time. On the plus side, I don’t have to pay for it twice.

It looks like the transfer will happen about the same time I’ll find out about if I get a new impressive job I’m applying for (an engineering management training program at my state’s 4th largest, and very generously paying, employer).  I’ve completed two interviews, I have a programming challenge and then an in person interview to go. I’m a team lead now and want to go further up the management chain. If we weren’t in the magical 2-6 month gap after the retrieval and if the ERA itself may not be helping my odds (it counts as an endometrial scratch), I’d probably have preferred to postpone that transfer, but things as they are, this is the best timing wise for our best odds. IVF isn’t cheap.

So yeah, lotsa things in the works.


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