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Pre-beta dreams

So I had even more vivid dreams last night. I dreamed I was visiting my parents (something I haven’t done in like 10+ years), and my period came pretty explosively as soon as I sat down on a toilet, so … Continue reading

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You know you’ve been on the TTC-train a bit long when you start having dreams that feature artificial insemination. Apparently in my dream world, this is done in groups. So weird. I’ve got a bigger post about things different in … Continue reading

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I think I may need to find a hobby stat.

You know you’re thinking too much about babies and the possibility of trying to conceive when you dream about your mother taking an OPK (ovulation prediction kit). Also, apparently I dreamed about my parents reproducing like lesbians, with ordered online … Continue reading

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The Waiting Game

Latte and I now together coo over hulu ads that feature adorable infants. It’s good, but also frustrating, as I feel like we have a bit of work to do, discussing what each of us wants from parenthood and what … Continue reading

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